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Up Close & Personal

Blessed to be born and raised in Missouri, the youngest in a household of 4 strong-willed daughters, a wild, Mexican mother, and father who is fluent in sarcasm. Since a young age she has always had an interest in the arts, from singing in church or playing guitar, to editing videos, she has been explored different art forms her entire life. Amalea graduated from Missouri State University with a BFA in Acting and with that found her love for the business went far beyond performance. She has grown to enjoy and continue exploring producing, directing, writing some, and being apart of collaborative projects that tell a meaningful story.


She's a firey, fun, passionate actor and if you want to know more, look around and be sure to check out her REEL and RESUME.

Amalea Joy, Amalea Joy Cox
Amalea Joy
Photo: Andrew Dailey